World Record Breaker Achim Schlöffel

On the 29th June 2012 Achim Schlöffel became the first man ever to scuba dive the channel between Britain and France.

We all enjoy a good world record, even more so when its to do with scuba diving and it came to my attention thanks to my Swiss friend after a conversation we had the other day about InnerSpace Explorers.


Achim Schlöffel (the founder of ISE) scuba dived the channel in 2012, leaving Dover at 4:50 in the morning, arriving in France at 2:00, he then had to undertake a decompression which took 160 minutes. He became the first man to ever achieve a scuba dive across the channel and he achieved this in under 10 hours!

Next on his agenda Schlöffel will attempt to break the record for the longest ever scuba dive aiming to spend 100 hours underwater at at least 20m. He won’t be resting (30 hours previous record) or do it in an aquarium (70 hours)- Achim Schlöffel will be working! He will build a house. The house is said to be a synonym for ‘a roof over your head’ because our oceans and seas are in desperate need of protection. The construction will not be a model, not a miniature, but a life size building including a garage which a human could theoretically live in, a garden will even be planted.


Read more about Achim Schlöffel’s world record attempt  here.

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