The Swimming Gorilla – Improvisation

It’s not often you’ll see a gorilla swimming in a river, sea or pond. Actually, it’s extremely rare. Then again, how often is it that you have a gorilla watching you take a bath? You’ve probably never had a gorilla sing a duet with you in the shower either? Yes?! Oh sorry, that’s your husband. Here I’m talking about the lean, mean, gorilla machine.

Gorillas aren’t the strongest swimmers, in fact, they’re terrified of deep water. There have been several reports of gorillas drowning in captivity… Of course they’ll drown if you give them a 20m deep swimming pool to play in, with no shallow end!

I have a friend who isn’t a very confident swimmer and doesn’t like deep water, similar to gorillas. So when I switched ‘on’ my lateral thinking app in my brain, I came up with a great experiment to do on your husband… er gorilla.

In honour of America’s ‘dress up your pet day’, I bought a gorilla from the local zoo, placed him in shallow water and well… dressed him up:

Madeline - The Swimming Gorilla

The Swimming Gorilla

After donning our equipment, we went on our dive. Although cautious at first about trusting the breathing ‘thingamajig’, our faithful and ever curious gorilla (now called Mergulus, Latin for diver) soon got the hang of the whole breathing underwater concept.

We had a great time on our dive, seeing the many beautiful and exotic things you can in England, a forest of kelp, plastic, McDonalds wrappers, we even found a copy of the local newspaper, all with a whopping 1 meter visibility!

With a bit of further training, well, a LOT of further training, I think my gorilla friend, Mergulus, will be the best diving buddy you’ll be able to find by far, being trustworthy and will never judge you by your colour of mask or brand of flippers.

I think we should all take a page of Mergulus’ book; never judge a gorilla by his cover, because he may be the world’s first ever confident swimming gorilla.

For the first time in my life I tried my hand at a spot of improvisation when taking part in Don’s WBIIA2. I quote from Don, ‘Do not expect fact here. Do not expect the truth here. This is creative writing for FUN, HUMOUR and for those with a SENSE OF HUMOUR. It’s cutting edge IMPROVISED blogging, not science weekly or the historian’s gazette.’ If you want to see the original post click here and if you want more impro posts click here and here

9 responses to “The Swimming Gorilla – Improvisation

  1. I love that ‘Oh, sorry that’s your husband’ joke! Classic! Great Post! 😀 x

      • No I spamboxed the idiots prior and I think the disclaimer did the rest, so moron free, yay !

        He’s at the ready if I need him though 🙂

        Hope all is well … I have a scuba related project that I’m thinking about, will drop you a line if it’s going ahead, you might be interested …

        Warm regards


      • Good, I really liked your disclaimer, very eye-catchy.

        You now have me intrigued… Does it involve you wearing the gorilla suit Elaine sent? 😉

        Hope you’re well

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