Western Australia Shark Cull

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela


Cull verb ‘reduce the population of (a wild animal) by selective slaughter.’ synonyms: slaughter, kill, destroy.

‘It was unscientific, unprovoked and wrong’

More people die in Australia from horses than from sharks, yet the Australian government aren’t planning a great horse cull. The sea is a shark’s home, it is wrong for us to enter their home full stop. Let alone swim with them, capture them, lock them up in aquariums and kill their habitat. We are the people at fault, yet its the sharks who have to take the stick for it.

People are aware that sharks have teeth – ask anyone who has watched ‘Jaws’. People obviously love sharks, this was proved when the Australian’s took to the beaches with peaceful protests after the cull was announced.

BfXr2g1CMAEVjz_ BfXguWKCQAAKCZkWhilst AWARE members are swimming, running and biking against global shark finning and shark fin soup, the whole population of Australia seemed to have packed onto the beaches to give their support for anti-Western Australia shark cull. Whereas the WA (Western Australia) government is condemning the sharks to death unconditionally.

There was anger on 26th January as the first shark was killed in Australia’s controversial new shark culling program. Opponents of the Western Australian government’s plans have responded in outrage to the first slaughter of the endangered species. The shark killed is presumed to be a 3m long female tiger shark.

We know it was a tiger shark - note the stripes on the body

We know it was a tiger shark – note the stripes on the body

Shark cull activists removed bait from the drum lines after the firs shark caught on the line was killed on Australia Day of all days. The fisherman who killed the tiger shark is said to have no experience with sharks and his .22 rifle was not an appropriate gun to kill the shark. The tiger shark was shot four times and will have suffered a slow and painful death.

Sea Shepherd Australia’s managing director, Jeff Hansen said: ‘How can we condemn Japan for the indiscriminate killing of whales and dolphins, and do this to our precious protected marine life here in Australia? This method is utterly cruel and inhumane and these animals can take many hours to die.’

Saturday 15th March at 12pm is the date for a rally based in London against WA shark cull.

Many newspapers have released articles against the shark cull titled, ‘Killers on the loose; how Australia ignores science to cull sharks’ and ‘Shark cull feeds into broader fear that Australia’s treasures are under assault’.

Protesters have posters entitled, ‘Lets listen to science and end the slaughter’, ‘S.O.S Save our Sharks’ ‘Cull politicians not sharks’ and ‘Great whites have rights’.


Despite all this the Western Australian government still haven’t backed down and say that the cull will go on.

The shark cull in Australia should stop, politicians say that the ‘shark infested waters’ are bad for tourism yet all the negative news on the internet and in the papers will provide even less tourism. People are worried about sharks but no one likes a shark cull. Tag and educate not shoot and kill.


7 responses to “Western Australia Shark Cull

  1. Reblogged this on oceanicexplorer and commented:
    Shark cull, harm reduction scheme, elasmobranch slaughter: call it what you like, it’s still an overly-simplified method of dealing with increasing shark attacks. Queensland and NSW have been killing sharks that come near baited drum lines for years and alongside shark nets, it’s the policy they claim works. The truth is that more than 70 million sharks are still being killed worldwide for food, fins, as by catch and for sport, and this latest effort makes no attempt at conserving large ocean predators.

  2. Hey there,

    Great blog! The London rally artwork you have here is the old one! Ahh! Wrong date, please go to the event and get the updated graphic!


    • Hey Alex,
      Thanks I hadn’t realised the date had changed, do you know what the date has changed to and where I can find the updated graphic?
      Thanks again

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