Under the Sea

‘Most people ignore poetry because most poetry ignores people’ Adrian Mitchell

Despite the fact I said I wouldn’t be posting another one of my attempts at poetry on this blog, I am going to share with you another one of my diving-inspired poems. I wrote it on Thursday after spending the whole day doing a poetry workshop.
This was inspired by Bougainville Divers.
plane with dwwtlm logo
All i’ve ever wanted to do is go diving,
Even if it means leaving school, being daring and skiving.
Choosing your location,
And going on a vacation,
With interesting food,
That puts you in a good mood.
Your journey out to the expanse of the sea,
This is perfection, a home for me.
Trying to fathom out the depth of the sea,
The captain offers us some calming apple tea.
Jumping into the water, wearing a tank,
Diving is a meditation that helps your mind to go blank.
Beneath the waves you breathe out jittering bubbles,
The fish swirl around you, giving you cuddles.
The water around me seeming to effervesce,
I am gliding through the waves with a smooth finesse.
Climbing onto the great swaying boat,
And putting on a big technicoloured coat.
After being surrounded by the magical fish,
I couldn’t dream of eating one for an evening dish!!

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