The Dos and Don’ts of a Hyperbaric Chamber

A few hyperbaric dos;

  • Dive computers are to be put into the bucket provided.
  • Clear ears regularly similar to in water diving, before it becomes painful.
  • Drink plenty of water, lack of water and dehydration may cause a DCI
  • During ascent it is best to breathe through your nose and also use the hearing protection provided on ascent.

A few dive don’ts;

  • Do not sit cross legged, this could prevent circulation and may cause a DCI.
  • Do not take forbidden items inside (polyester clothing, watches, jewellery with stones or non-solid, smoking materials, mobile phones, batteries and electronic devices, fountain pens, aerosols, perfumes, hairspray, makeup, oil or petroleum based products, anything flammable)
  • Don’t smoke in the chamber
  • Don not touch the red button! 😉

I thought I would write this post because on 1st August a Chinese man, Liu Hung was placed inside a hyperbaric chamber to treat his head wound more quickly. It is believed that Hung thought that once the chamber door was closed no one could see him so he took this as an opportunity to smoke. The bed linen consequently caught fire, this quickly spiraled out of control due to the oxygen high atmosphere which also caused the explosion killing the 65 year old and destroying the hyperbaric chamber. Patient Blows Up Hospital Ward After Sneaking Cigarette In Oxygen Chamber

The hospital has taken full responsibility and warns further patients that smoking and taking lighters into the chamber has dangerous risks and there are current discussions over compensation for the family.

If your hyperbaric chamber warns you not to take various items into the chamber it is imperative that you do as they say, the higher partial pressure (Dalton’s Law) comes with many risks that must be observed, please dont make the same mistake that Liu Hung did because he paid for it with his life.

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