A little request…


As many of you know, earlier this year I did a lot of research into nitrogen and how it effects the body under pressure, my project went very well and so I’ve decided to keep going with it and add more information to it as time goes on.

My aim now is to start gathering some statistical information about nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness to back up all the web and book based research.

I am currently working with the Midlands Diving Chamber (MDC)  and we are coming up with a game that dry divers can complete for fun and also enables us to extract some numbers from it! If you want to go for a dry dive either send me an email or get in touch directly with MDC here.

MDC outside

My research also focuses on decompression sickness, due to patient confidentiality I can not extract any type of information from past patients’ documents at MDC. So instead I have created a survey for people who have and haven’t suffered from decompression sickness and its also for both divers and non divers!

This is where I have to ask you to do me a big favour… I’ve inserted a link below to my survey, it take on average 1-3 minutes to run through the questions and it will really help me if you do fill it out. Once you’re done please then send it on to others to complete it! The more people who take the survey the better! 🙂 Thank you!

Please take my Online Survey (http://eSurv.org?u=nitrogenunderpressure)



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