You’re Still Against Eating Whale??!!

‘The real threat to whales is whaling, which has endangered many whale species.’ – Dave Barry

Please Watch:

What did you think? Convinced? Nah, I wasn’t either, if we break the video down into sections there are many reasons why I wont be eating whale meat any time soon. Nothing said after the 1:30 mark is correct in any way shape or form:

  • The video says that whales are bad for the marine environment because since their ‘recovery’ after the moratorium they have been eating too much food and upsetting the balance?! They’re the ones keeping the balance in the ocean! If anything, commercial fishing, pollution and a huge proportion of the human activity that goes on in the ocean is upsetting the balance. If the whales are upsetting the balance, what happened before the humans started properly culling the sea of its resources? Was their chaos and inbalance?! No! It was perfectly fine without us…
  • The smaller whales catching all the food from the bigger ones… because they’re faster?! No comment… -_-
  • ‘small whales have increased greatly’ Or, actually declined >50%
  • No tuna for the people to eat because the whales ate them? What next, no carrots to eat because the horses took them? Their statement is completely incorrect, a quote from one of my past aritcles ‘More Whales, Healthier Ocean?’: ‘Whales often feed at great depths then return to the surface to breathe, this mixes up the water column and spreads nutrients and microorganisms through different marine zones, this can lead to major feeding bonanzas for other creatures.’ (Check out the full article here)
  • Oh and did I forget to mention?! Blue Wales DO NOT eat tuna, they eat KRILL!!

We should just overfish everything in the food chain to keep the ecosystem balanced, clever idea?! Then we could call it the ‘overbalanced harvesting’.

Oh and did i forget to mention? The video was created and released by the Japanese Government… (no surprises there then)

The worst thing about the Japanese whaling system is that they don’t even have the guts to tell the world what they’re actually doing, the vessels that kill the whales are called ‘research vessels’ but are in actual fact kitted out to process the whales ready for cooking and eating.

Japan’s whaling fleet came close to reaching its annual target of 935 minke whales in 2006, but catches have since slumped because of poor demand and confrontations with the marine conservation group Sea Shepherd. In 2012 the quota for whaling was still at 1035 whales. But thanks to Sea Shepherd they only killed 103. The lowest catch in Sea Shepherd history. And during the 2013-14 season, Japan took just 251 minke whales in the Antarctic – a quarter of its target.

So the amount of whales being caught is going down in Japan but unfortunately several other countries in the world are still following this ‘tradition’ of killing and eating pods of whales. (namely the Faroe Islands but others among them). Sea Shepherd are doing a lot of good work into preventing the slaughter of hundreds and thousands of whales every season, but just as the whaling season finishes in the Faroe Islands it is now commencing in Japan, which must be the reason behind the video, its aim being to increase the popularity of whale meat just as the season recommences.

There are international laws about whaling but each country finds their own loop hole in the law,(for example Japan calling their whaling ships ‘research vessels’) charities all over the world are working to try to diminish and end the whale market, and slowly but surely they are winning the war but we still have a long way to go before completely closing the whale market

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