Wreckage: An Enemy is Born

Apnoea: temporary cessation of breathing

I’m a bit of a free diver aspirationalist, two of my closest friends are incredible apneists and their enthusiasm seems to have rubbed off onto me!

Two weeks ago I was able to try my hand, for the first time, at some freediving, I’ve been practicing some relaxation and breath holding techniques at the surface so thought it would be interesting to see what happens in the water, well it turns out its a lot harder than it looks BUT it feels incredible! At one point I was underneath the surface for about 1 min, not long, but long enough. I stayed relatively shallow, and I completely forgot I needed to breathe, it felt unbelievable to be under the water with no ties to equipment or to the surface in any way! Eventually (for me it felt like it had been ages but at the surface time had barely passed) I was dragged to the surface, either by the surge or just by the fact my body needed to breathe… I loved it!

Last week I came across a page on facebook called “Water Born” I came across them through a friend who is a freediving instructor and curiosity quickly got the better of me and I watched some of their videos…

No words can be used to express my awe at what they have managed to achieve under water! I sent it to a friend who’s a bit of a freediving addict and he replied to me and said;


For my friends and I it was spectacular to watch, the video took apnea to a whole other dimension! Watch one of the video’s made by “Water Born” here:

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