Introducing… The NEW “guest post” category!

Introducing…. The NEW guest post category!! Everyone go oooohhhh!

I haven’t had a guest post since Michael’s post introducing our invention of the COUL (here). The COUL is still under way although progress has slowed, Michael is currently abroad and we’re both very busy, the trials of the housings didn’t go favourably (new post coming soon!) but hopefully we will be able to make progress with the COUL in the very new future…

Since Michael’s I have been trying to find one of my non-diving friends who was willing to do a guest post for me to put a different spin on things. This evening I wrote to Alicia asking her, out of the blue, if she fancied doing a guest post for me… Within the hour I had my reply, and sitting in my inbox was a lovely, freshly written guest post for you all to read! And so the “Guest Post” category on the left sidebar was born!

More about Alicia’s guest post later, but look forward to it folks because it is truly an awesome post! 🙂


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