Woohooo!!! Japan Cuts Antarctic Whale Kill Quota by Two Thirds…

“Japan Cuts Antarctic Whale Kill Quota by Two Thirds to 333

After a decade of continual confrontations Sea Shepherd Global has prevailed. 2014 has seen a series of victories for the whales. First the decision by the International Court of Justice declaring Japanese “research” whaling to be both bogus and illegal. Secondly the decision by the International Whaling Commission to oppose Japan’s intent to kill whales in the Southern Ocean and now the decision by Japan to cut their intended quota by two thirds to 333. Despite this cut, the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean remains illegal.

333 whales is still higher than what Japan has been able to kill over the last few years because of Sea Shepherd interventions.

The Sea Shepherd Global position is that “illegal is illegal” and as long as the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary remains a sanctuary it must be protected. Sea Shepherd Global’s intent is to secure a long-range vessel that can outrun the harpoon vessels. Such a vessel in partnership with Sea Shepherd’s Sam Simon, Steve Irwin and Bob Barker could cut the kills to 100%.

On December 1st, the Bob Barker and the Sam Simon will once again head to the Southern Ocean to monitor the “non-lethal” research by Japan and to confront Antarctic Toothfish poachers. The Steve Irwin will continue to undergo improvement to make the ships more efficient for the 2015/2016 return to the Southern Ocean.

For the 2015/2016 season, all three ships will be mobilized to once again confront the Japanese whaling fleet with hopefully a fourth and faster Sea Shepherd ship secured to complete the efficiency of the fleet.

The Japanese have reported that they will not be sending their security ship the Shonan Maru #2 with the fleet when it returns.

Sea Shepherd USA is still prohibited from participation in any campaign against illegal Japanese whaling by order of the 9th Circuit U.S. Federal Court which continues to maintain an injunction protecting the Japanese whalers from being disturbed in their blatant continuation of unlawful whaling activities. This injunction does not have any authority to Sea Shepherd entities outside of the United States.

This injunction has freed Sea Shepherd USA to address the issues of dolphin killing, shark-finning, turtle poaching and illegal fishing and opens up the possibility to organize campaigns to oppose illegal whaling by Norway, Iceland and Denmark in the North Atlantic.” Written by Captain Paul Watson

I’m interested to hear your thoughts about this, obviously 2/3 is a huuuuge amount and this is great news but it it is still over what they have been killing during the past few years. So some people think the change is good, but once put in perspective others don’t agree so much. I am, as I’m sure everyone else is, looking forward to when the quota is reduced by 100%, this may take time but this recent reduction shows that Japan are starting to listen and if they have lowered their quotas once they can do it again! On top of this, the fact that the International Court of Justice have addressed that Japanese “research” vessels as being fake is also very good news.

A lot of change has happened in a very short space of time and I will keep you informed about more positive change in the future.  

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw

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