Introducing… My Guest Alicia!

“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for” William G.T. Shedd

Yesterday I set up the “Guest Posts” category which today will have the very first guest post placed into it. If you missed my intro to the new category you can read the post about it here.

I wanted to do a short bio about Alicia so that I can introduce her to you virtually and also build up the suspense before sharing her post! 😛

Alicia and I have known each other for the past 5 years although we’ve only been close friends for about the past 2 years and we always seem to be having a good giggle together and have some really memorable moments with each other.

Alicia is an avid horse rider and ballet dancer, she started dance when she was 2 and riding when she was 6 (she even has her own horse! 🙂 ) I realised early on that she has a true passion for these two hobbies, dedicating hours every week to the dance studio and also shoveling horse poop at the stables!

Murphy, Alicia's horse! :)

Murphy, Alicia’s horse!

Over the past two years Alicia has heard a lot of my diving stories and has always asked me a lot of questions, I’ve opened up to her about a lot of the experiences from my diving trips; what surprises me the most is that she listens and is really interested, unlike some of my other non-diver friends who run in the other direction when I bring up diving 😛

Last night I was chatting with Alicia and out of the blue I asked her if she wanted to do a guest post for me, although not being a blogger herself she jumped on the opportunity and wrote a post for me which was of a title completely of her own choice, within an hour she had emailed me her post and I was overjoyed with what she had written; it was a post truly written from the heart and I felt really puts across her point of view of how she now perceives divers after becoming friends with a scuba addict!

The post is nothing less than a must read and I really hope you like it!

What I truly like about Alicia is that she and I have very different passions and very different dreams and hopes for the future, nevertheless we have become very close friends and will hopefully continue to have many crazy and happy moments together in the future!

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