“After years of development, finally the hoseless regulator has become a reality. Now your first stage and second stage regulators will no longer be connected by a hose, but rather by an ‘invisible thread’!

At present the system functions even without a pressurized gas tank and related first stage, though only in chlorine solutions (swimming pools) as it still needs some months of research for salt water.

The system comprises a hoseless second stage and a box weighing approximately 0.5kg/1lb which has to be within 2m/6ft of the second stage. By means of an osmotic diffusion process which is currently being studied in more depth, the box delivers breathable gas directly to the second stage.

For the time being the system works only up to 20m/66ft but it can provide sufficient gas for two divers breathing simultaneously (as long as they stay within 2m of the box). The system can also provide breathing gas for up to 24 months, after which there is a component inside the second stage which must be replaced.

Check out the video of the prototype during testing and remember to come back later; hopefully we will be able to provide you with more information after more tests. We must SPREAD THE NEWS about this incredible technological innovation, a revolution in the diving world!” – Mares

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