Birmingham Dive Show 2015

Twice a year the diving world prepares and executes the biggest dive shows in the UK; this past weekend (24/25th October) marked one such occasion as it was the 25th annual DIVE show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Divers came from all over the country to congregate in the large hall to enjoy some of the 250 stands set up intended to teach, sell and inspire those present.

With talks from Monty Halls and Andy Torbet (marine biologist and adventurer respectively)amongst many others, the photozone showcasing spectacular photographs and the try dive/rebreather pools making a reappearance there was plenty to keep everyone busy no matter whether you’re more interested in tech diving or recreational, photographer or conservationist, interested in buying equipment or planning your next summer holiday.

I spent the weekend working on the Midlands/London Diving Chamber stand handing out the brilliant “Tanked Up” magazine to diving enthusiasts and chatting to those interested in things from dry dives to buying the “FAQ Dive Medical” book, taking part in our competition or even signing up to come to the amazing Dive Lectures on Wednesday 9th March 2016 (with Lord Prescott, Graham Hancock and Pat Spain as speakers).

Here are some of our highlights from the show;

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