A New Project: Growing Coral

After writing a news post about the Great Barrier reef last July (found here) i became increasingly interested in coral reefs and how we humans can so easily destroy such delicate structures. But also was curious as to how we can also fix this by creating artificial reefs and taking “cuttings” and allowing coral to grow on artificial structures. So for Christmas I asked Santa for a marine tank. And very a very generous Father Christmas gave me just that on Christmas Day! So my new project could begin; growing coral!


Step One. Finding a good place to put the tank, mine is a nano yet still contains 90 litres of water, every litre = one kilogram. As well as all the rocks and sand that we’re going to put in there, it’s best to install the tank on a stable surface. I wanted to keep my paper organiser next to the tank but realised very quickly that paper and water do not mix!




Step Two. Get your very artistic sister to help you arrange the rocks in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.



Step Three. Fill tank with sand and salt water, you must clean the sand first but even after do not be alarmed that the water is a cloudy weird colour… Its meant to be like that…. I hope 😉


Eventually after leaving everything to settle, your tank should look as awesome as this! It is important now to leave it a few weeks to get everything to settle and balance out, growing coral requires patience, patience and patience!

Its important to let the nitrate cycle to occur as well as making sure, nitrites, phosphates, calcium, salinity and carbonate levels are spot on and for that you need a tank cleaning crew!

Meet the team:

Acclimatising (2)


I couldn’t believe it at first but yes you do actually buy fish and crabs in plastic bags! (another thing that Disney Pixar didn’t make up!! )



Above is Harry the Hermit, he’s my favourite, although I don’t think you should tell the others



Above is Traveller, he gets around a lot..


Big Mike pictured above. I watched “The Blind Side” just a couple of days prior to the installation of the hermits and when I saw this guy was much bigger than the others I couldn’t help but name him Big Mike! 🙂


Vacant Veronica, when the hermits need to move shells she’s here for them to move into.

This project is a journey for me as I’m learning as we’re going on, will keep you informed as to how it goes!


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