How does Nitrogen Affect the Body under Pressure?

‘On review of the results in relation to previous work it has become apparent that divers should be taught more about the risks associated with; the inhalation of nitrogen at pressure greater than at one atmosphere absolute, how to avoid problems, and treatment. Currently these areas are briefly touched upon in diving manuals but should be explained in more detail. This change could have the impact of reducing diving casualties and potentially also deaths.’ – Madeline Anderson

After 8 months of hard work, research and experiments I can safely say that I am more aware about the effect of nitrogen on the body at greater than atmospheric pressure. I have learnt a lot myself and I hope that I can share my knowledge with other divers as, I believe it is imperative for divers to learn more about the dangers they face within their sport if we want to reduce the amount of casualties and lives taken each year. I compiled all the information I collected over the months into one document, the link for which I have placed at the bottom of this post.

Since September I have spent a lot of my free time researching this topic; reading books, checking out website, talking to people at the dive shows and also at my local hyperbaric chamber and then comparing all of the information. The experiments I did were not only time consuming for myself but also for others. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this project but I have also worked very hard on it so please, please don’t redistribute the work saying it is your own, nor use the pictures for any public use without contacting me beforehand.

So here it is folks: I hope you enjoy it,  please let me know what you think and if you learn something new! 🙂

The effects of nitrogen on the body under pressure

If you have any questions or want some more information/ pictures then please send me an email with the contact form below:

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